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  • 8 December 2016

    In the framework of 2016 Polish National Reading, on the 7th December the Institute of Polish Language at GDUFS together with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland organized a gathering dedicated to Henryk Sienkiewicz’s life and works as well as public reading of “Quo vadis”, selected for this year edition of the action.

    The introductory word on the historical context of the book, situation of the first Christians and 1905 Nobel Prize winner’s work has been presented by the lecturer of Polish language, Mrs Agnieszka Jasińska.


    19 2nd year students read out loud the extracts of the book and dealt greatly with the language of the original, while their younger colleagues followed the Chinese translation on the screen. On the eve of the meeting students watched the screening of Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s “Quo vadis” movie, enabling them to get acquainted with the whole story.


    The Consul General of Poland in Guangzhou, Mrs Joanna Skoczek, besides reading the excerpt of the book, presented the idea of the Polish national Reading, realized since 2012 under the auspices of the President of the republic of Poland. She underlined the importance of this initiative for the recognition of the masterpieces of Polish literature and its creators both in Poland and abroad, as well as promotion of reading as such.

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